Vir is one of the 300 islands of Zadar archipelago, one of 1186 islands and islets in the Croatian Adriatic passed in the Vir Sea in the northwest part of Dalmatia. Twentieth in size among the Croatian islands, and eighth in the Zadar archipelago. Surrounded by Pag, Maun, and Ugljan Zadar is only 26 km which makes it irresistible to go on various trips and visits to national parks near the 'Plitvice lakes', 'Krka', 'Kornati'.

On the island there are three major settlements: 'Vir', 'Torovi' and 'Lozice' . The highest peak is 'Barbinjak' at 116m altitude. The north-east view from the Vir extends the island of Pag, and Southwestern views looking at the sea of ​​Vir and islands: 'Sestrunj', 'Rivanj', 'Molat' and 'Ist'.

On this beautiful island in the Gulf of Kozjak are the remains of an old Venetian fortress from the 17th century.